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Past Events
  • 【Academic Lecture】2018.6.15

    Invited Speaker:Brian A. Colli,Assistant Professorof Physics Brian Colli received his Ph.D. (2009) in Physics from the Univeity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He then completed a postdoc at North Carolina State Univeity after whic...

    Date 2018-06-14
  • 【ZHOU HUIJIU FORUM】2018.5.25

    Invited Speaker:Prof. Irene J. Beyerlein Introduction:Irene J. Beyerlein,现任Univeity of California, Santa Barbara机械工程系和材料系教授,Acta Materialia/Scripta Materialia编辑,英国物理学会Fellow。1993年于Clemson Univeity获得机械工程系学士学位,1997年在Cornell Univeity获得材料系博士学位...

    Date 2018-05-22
  • 【ZHOU HUIJIU FORUM】2018.5.16

    Invited Speaker:Prof. Lluís Mañosa Introduction:Lluis Mañosa is Professor of Condeed Matter Physics at the Univeitat de Barcelona (Catalonia). He received his BSc in Physics at the Univeity of Barcelona (Catalonia), and his PhD in Physic...

    Date 2018-05-13
  • 【ZHOU HUIJIU FORUM】2018.5.18

    Invited Speaker:Prof. Turab Lookman Itroduction:T. Lookman教授是美国洛斯阿拉莫斯国家实验室 (LANL) 的Research Fellow。其研究领域主要集中在材料信息学,利用理论模拟的手段来探索铁性智能材料相变行为的物理机制。共发表论文250余篇,包括Nature(2), Nature Communication (4), PNAS(1) , Review of Modern Physics (1) , PRL(20),...

    Date 2018-05-11
  • 【ZHOU HUIJIU FORUM】2018.5.9

    (该项目受国家外专局“国际学术大师校园行”项目资助) Invited Speaker: Peter J. Stang Introduction:Peter J. Stang,美国犹他大学化学系的杰出讲座教授,美国科学院与美国文理科学院双院院士,中国科学院外籍院士,匈牙利科学院外籍院士,“美国化学会志”(JACS)的主编。Stang教授1963年于芝加哥DePaul Univeity获得学士学位,1966年在Univeity of California, Berke...

    Date 2018-05-05

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