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Date 2018-07-07 by Xiaoting Liu

Invited Speaker:Prof. Kevin Huang

Introduction:Kevin Huang is currently an endowed chair professor and director of Smart State Center for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells at College of Engineering and Computing. His research, currently funded by NSF, DOE, DoD and industry, focuses on experimental and theoretical studies of electrochemical materials and engineering for energy conversion and storage, ranging from batteries, fuel cells to separation membranes. Over his professional career, he has published two books, two book chapter and >190 peer-reviewed journal papers and been granted with 12 US patents. Kevin graduated from University of Science and Technology Beijing in 1992, conducted his postdoc research in Prof. John B. Goodenough’s group at University of Texas at Austin from 1995-2000 and worked as a senior, principal and fellow engineer at Siemens Energy from 2000-2010 before joining University of South Carolina (USC) in 2010. Over his 8 years at USC, he has attracted over $5.5 million research funding. He is a recipient of 2018 USC Breakthrough Leadership Award, 2017 USC Educational Foundation Award for Research in Science, Engineering and Mathematics, 2015 College of Engineering and Computing Research Achievement Award, and 2014 University Breakthrough Stars.

【Title】Engineering the Cathode-supported Tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Time:  10:00:00-12:00 am, Jul.11th,2018

Location:  New MSE Building, No. 01 Meeting Room(新材料大楼材料学院第一会议室)

Abstract:The solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) is the most efficient and cleanest power generation device among all types of energy technologies. Its high energy conversion efficiency and low environmental impacts are unmatchable by conventional internal combustion engines (ICEs). However, for SOFC to be a commercially viable product to compete with ICEs, it must excel in reliability and cost. The presentation reviews and highlights the engineering accomplishments achieved by Siemens-Westinghouse to the commercial development of cathode-supported tubular SOFCs in the past half century. It covers the perspectives in materials, design and manufacturing of cells, bundles and stacks implemented in the cathode-supported tubular SOFC technology.

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