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Frontiers in Materials Research 2023 (XJTISS)
Date 2023-06-30 by Xiaoting Liu

Frontiers in Materials Research 2023 (XJTISS)

July 10th to July 14th, 2023

Xi’an China

n Introduction

This course is composed of a series of lectures on the current frontiers of materials science and engineering. They are given by the researcher who are exporters in many different fields. There are 10 lectures in total. We are going to introduce the basic knowledge and development of metallic, ceramic, electronic and other functional materials, which has scientific and technologic significance for future applications in the field of clean energy, electronic devices etc. In addition, we are also going to introduce some state-of-the-art theoretical and experimental methodologies for material research, including nanomaterials and advanced transmission electronic microscopy. To have better understanding of these lectures, it requires the students to have basic knowledge of college physics, chemistry and mathematics. The lectures are introductory but covers the latest advances, therefore it’s friendly to both the undergraduate students in their sophomore and junior years, as well as graduate students with unlimited grades.  

n Teaching Masters:

n Curriculum System

Course format: synchronous online and offline teaching (Tencent Meeting)

Course arrangement:

n Admission Information

Entry Requirement: The program caters to a wide variety of audiences, not only the undergraduates and postgraduates in Materials Science and Engineering, all students are encouraged to join in the program without grade requirements.

Enrollment: 100 students online, unlimited number of students offline. Students from XJTU-MSE participate in offline courses, while students from other schools participate in online courses.

Student treatment: Xi'an Jiaotong University provides a study certificate (completion certificate) for this summer course, and will get the seminar stamps.

n Application

Students who are interested in applying to attend this Summer school can fill in the application form online, please click the link below :


Frontiers in Materials Research XJTISS-腾讯问卷 (qq.com)

After application, please scan the code to enter the Wechat group of Summer school:

n Contact Information

Ms. Liu  



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