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MSESA-UASR Cultural Exchange & New Year Recreation Party has been held successfully!
Date 2023-12-25 by Liu Xiaoting

On December 23, 2023, the Materials Science and Engineering Sub-Alliance of the University Alliance of the Silk RoadMSESA-UASR Cultural Exchange and New Year Recreation Party was successfully held in No.1 Meeting Room of Zhongying Building, MSE. The party was hosted by the MSESA-UASR, the Assistant President of XJTU and Dean of MSE, Prof. Shan Zhiwei, Dean Assistant of MSE, Prof. Zhang Jinyu, National Talent Project Member, the distinguished foreign expert Prof. Goran Ungar and more than 50 members of the MSE tutors, foreign experts, students and family members from 15 countries, including China, UK, US, Russia, Canada, India, Mali, Sudan, Thailand, Pakistan, Germany, Bangladesh, Iran, Turkey, Egypt was invited to attend the Party. The executive director of MSESA-UASR, Assoc. Prof. Fang Huajing was the Toastmaster of this Party.

The event commenced with an opening speech by the esteemed Dean of MSE, Prof. Shan Zhiwei, who warmly welcomed the foreign students, teachers, and their families. During his address, he highlighted the rich history of Xian Jiaotong University and the remarkable achievements of the School of Materials Science and Engineering in recent years. Prof. Zhiwei also motivated the students to give their utmost in their research endeavors.

The Dean Assistant of MSE, Prof. Zhang Jinyu, shared valuable insights gained from his research experience in the United States, and expressed that MSE would continue to do a good job in service, create a pleasant working environment and research atmosphere.

A distinguished foreign professor, Goran Ungar, shared his experiences in China and expressed admiration for the efforts of the Chinese government in battling the Covid virus and saving millions of lives.

Additionally, Assoc. Prof. Guo Jing emphasized the importance of perseverance in research, noting that success often comes after numerous failures. He encouraged everyone to persist even when faced with setbacks, reminding them that trying 101 times may lead to success after 100 failures.

The event also provided an opportunity for foreign students to showcase their unique cultural traditions. Attendees enjoyed performances of traditional songs, cultural dances, and the sharing of distinctive cultural specialties from each country.

Overall, the event was a memorable experience, fostering a sense of unity and embracing diverse cultures as everyone welcomed the new year with warm smiles. It served as a beautiful reminder of the power of cultural exchange and the collective growth that can be achieved through mutual understanding and appreciation.

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